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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is there any charge to get a quick quote?

    It is absolutely free. Estimate for your desired repair on the basis of problem description, quick quote is absolutely free.
  • 2. Is there any charges for inspection of the desktop/laptop?

    Unless otherwise stated, inspection is chargeable and it is non-refundable upfront fee. Inspection fee covers the time spent for diagnosis, disassembling, and reassembling, as we have to open, disassemble your desktop/laptop to diagnose the problem. We may use some diagnostic software for the same. There are charges for inspections. After the inspection an estimate/quote will be offered to you for repair.

    If the quote is accepted, then the inspection fee will be adjusted in the total billing value. It is not refundable in case non acceptance of the quote.

  • 3. How does inspection/Repairs process take place? Does there any liability?

    To complete the inspection/repairs, technician needs to open your desktop/laptop. He will swap suspected faulty parts with known good parts. Please note that

    a) Unless otherwise stated, if a part is not repairable, then a replacement will be required. (You will be more than welcome to decline repair in this case.)

    b). There is a potential threat of DATA loss during inspection/repairs. It is, therefore, highly recommended in your own interest to have backup data before sending/dropping your unit for repair.

    c).The client is required to authorise us to perform required task such as diaseembling, part swapping, chip replacement, installation and running of Diagnostic software.

    d). during installation of operating system and data integration, there is a high risk of DATA loss, it is  highly recommended in your own interest to have backup data, before sending/dropping your unit for repair.

    IAG shall not be liable for any claims regarding the physical functioning of equipment/media or the condition or existence of data on storage media supplied before during or after repairs.

  • 4 What is normal time required for repairing?

    It depends on the nature of fault and convenience of the customer. In most of the cases the job is done on the same day. But depending on the job requirement it may take 1 to 3 working days, after your approval. Where more time is required, you will be informed accordingly. If we don’t have a part in the stock and need to order specific part, then the repair may take around 5 working days for local parts and 15-20 days if part is to be ordered from overseas.
  • 5. What is software installation and anything required from my side?

    For operating system and applications, you are requested to provide us original disks along with licence. We can’t install free software for you.

    In case of operating system installation, all application software (Microsoft office, Adobe, antivirus etc.) needs to be installed again for which you must have installation disk (CD/DVD) and valid licence.

  • 6. Does the job done by you carry any warranty? What conditions are there?

    We provide 30 days warranty on repair and parts as well. Software repair will not carry any warranty, physical damage and burnt parts will not be covered under warranty.

    We will repair your desktop/laptop under warranty if the same problem occur due to the same part e.g. if broken screen is replaced, the same will be repaired again as the screen is covered under warranty, but not related products such as graphic card, display cable etc.

    Please note that we use the parts, which are covered under manufacturer's Warranty

  • 7. Do you pick up and deliver computer from home? Is there any charge for that?

    Yes, we do. But it is within 10kms radius from our shop. The unit will be collected at mutually agreed convenient time. This facility has priority for senior citizens, disabled persons and ailing persons. A nominal non-refundable charge of $       will be levied for collecting and delivery of the unit. If possible quote will be offered at the time of visit. If not possible then inspection charges will apply which will be adjusted in the total bill of the repairs, if approved by the customer. 
  • 8. What are the normal charges for repairing?

     Inspection Charges $            for desktop, $                for laptop

    Repairing charges $49.99 onwards (For first half an hour job then $35 for subsequent block of half an hour)

  • 9 .Is there any extra charges for urgent repairing?

    Normally not, if there is possibility of doing it at the shop, and If the technicians have sufficient time to do the job.